Sunday, October 12, 2008

Purpose Statement?

This year has been a rough one for me.
A lot of changes. Most of them bad. Or hard. Or hurtful.

So, I have decided to devote more time to doing my own thing.
Forget about the world around me. Do creative things.
Get back to making art.
Teach myself some things in the kitchen.
Do things that have an end result.

I thought about this a few weeks ago.
When I decided that it would be fun to re-create my favorite store cookies- the chocolate-tangerine ones from Dancing Deer Baking Company. Yum! But at $5+ a pack for 6 cookies - no good for a gal on a budget (and, living in NY, who's not on a budget?!).

I looked for a recipe.
I searched the blogs.
I Googled.
I looked through my recipe books.

And I couldn't find the recipe I was looking for.

So I went to Martha.
And I found this awesome recipe for double chocolate chip cookies. I figured it was a good starting point. Just add some orange oil. My new obsession.

The cookies were good.
But not what I was looking for.

So ... I'm going to keep trying new things. And catalogue my adventures along the way.

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